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Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks is one of the two islets off the coast of Perast in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (the other being Sveti Đorđe island). It is an artificial island created by bulwark of rocks and by sinking old and seized ships loaded with rocks. The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is the largest building on the islet, with its own museum.


Blue Cave

The Blue Cave in Montenegro is one of the coast’s most popular attractions. It never fails to impress!

The Blue Cave is the largest of many sea caves on Luštica Peninsula. It’s called the Blue Cave because the way the light hits the sandy bottom and reflects up through the water makes the whole cave look blue.


Mamula Fortress

UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Adriatic Sea, Mamula Island was originally a fort built in 1853 by the Austrian Admiral Lazar Mamula, which purpose was to protect the entrance of the Bay of Kotor. Later, Mamula Island is carefully restored and converted into a small hotel with a range of related amenities and attractions. 


Submarine tunnels

One of the best hidden attractions in the Bay of Kotor are the submarine tunnels, which were built by the Yugoslavian Army. There are 3 submarine tunnels in the Bay, and they are worth to see. The entrance of tunnels were covered with fake rocks made from plastic, so they would be invisible to spy planes. The tunnels are a fascinating piece of military heritage, and they are also a great place for swimming and snorkeling.

Blick auf die historische Stadt Perast in der Bucht von Kotor im Sommer bei Sonnenuntergang, Montenegro


Perast is one of the best-preserved towns on the entire Adriatic coast. It forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Natural and Culture-Historical Region of Kotor.

Perast is a tiny, idyllic village on the breathtaking Bay of Kotor (Boka Bay) in Montenegro. Despite a mere population of 247, Perast’s rich history, ancient architecture, jaw-dropping views, and romantic waterfront restaurant patios make it a captivating destination.



Kotor is a fortified town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, in a bay near the limestone cliffs of mountain Lovćen. Characterized by winding streets and squares, its medieval old town has several Romanesque churches, including Kotor Cathedral. It’s also home to the Maritime Museum, which explores local seafaring history.


Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a luxury marina for yachts and a nautical resort located in Tivat. It represents one of the most luxurious marinas on the Adriatic. In the complex there is a marina (450 berths for yachts from 12 to 250 meters long), residences, business premises, 5-star Hotel “Regent Porto Montenegro”, Collection of maritime heritage with valuable museum exhibits.


Porto Novi

Portonovi, a magnificent Adriatic escape with luxurious homes, a world-class marina, and a destination hotel from One&Only. Bringing refined luxury to the heart of Boka Bay, this is the first-ever European location from One&Only, one of the world’s most esteemed creators of captivating and glamorous resorts.


Luštica Bay

Luštica Bay, a vibrant global village in Montenegro where culture, heritage and leisure combine to create authentic experiences. Luštica is #APlaceToBelong, and one that offers both private residences and a premium vacation adventure.